Building an Effective Software Deployment Process Using IBM Endpoint Manager

IBM Endpoint Manager is a powerful, cross-platform systems management suite for remotely managing and monitoring workstations. It is also the tool upon which the Systems Management at Penn State (SysMan) service is currently based.

In this session, we will examine best practices for using Endpoint Manager as a software distribution tool, including building, testing, and troubleshooting installation tasks; organizing computers and installers; handling updates and patches; creating meaningful reports; and more. Whether you are just getting started or are a seasoned vet, whether you are a Penn State unit considering SysMan or are from another institution that’s considering its options, learn how you can more effectively manage your Macs with IEM and see how it can start doing more work for you.

 Key Concepts:

IBM Endpoint Manager; Mac Software Distribution Wizard; Relevance Language; ActionScript; WebReports; basic Mac packaging techniques and command lines

Foundational Lecture – 75 Minutes

 John Tyndall, Penn State University

John TyndallJohn Tyndall has worked for Penn State since 2005 and is currently the IT manager of the University Services group in ITS Classroom and Lab Computing at Penn State. John and his team develop and support the Systems Management at Penn State (SysMan) and Cooperative Lab Management (CLM) services, collectively used to manage 32,000+ endpoints at Penn State. John enjoys long walks on the beach pondering relevance optimization, moonlit conversations about NP completeness, and writing code in iambic pentameter.


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