1-1 reality check for IT

The growth of technology in education has forced many an IT staff into uncharted, and often frightening territory. The safe realm of managed labs has been replaced with the demands for crazy ideas like BYODs and 1-1s. This session is designed to help sysadmins understand the range of deployment workflows from a fully managed lab or cart to the possibly unmanaged BYOD. Let’s look at the options, the possibilities, and some interesting opportunities for turning the “IT just doesn’t get it” into “Our IT is the reason we are successful!”

Using almost 30 years of educational deployments as our foundation, we will explore the right balance of MDM – or more properly called “modern device management” – to establish some guidelines for what constitutes a well-managed, yet flexible deployment. Our goal is to help you find a common ground between the wants of the school leadership to get technology into everyone’s hands with your need to provide a safe and secure operating environment.

 Key Concepts:

  • Current deployment models
  • Systems management tasks
  • Mobile Device Management

Foundational Lecture – 75 Minutes

 John DeTroye, FileWave

John DeTroyeJohn is a veteran of the technology revolution. During his 25 years as an Apple engineer, he was a key player in the development of many systems management concepts and the tools used for deployments, such as Macintosh Manager, Apple Remote Desktop, and Workgroup Manager. His Tips and Tricks for Macintosh Management series has been the core of Apple’s client management documentation. Now at FileWave as their manager of international business development, he continues to evangelize proper lifecycle management for a wider audience of sysadmins regardless of the operating environment they are in.



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