Backup, Front to Back – Allister Banks

It’s hard to imagine feeling confident making changes to complex systems when there’s no assurance you can put the genie back into the bottle should things not go as we hoped or planned. It’s supposed to be a given in all environments worth maintaining, and we’ll approach it from a couple of angles in the hopes that even those who think they’ve got everything covered can validate their approach.  Robust software and reliable automation makes it tick, so we’ll give an overview of the major players in backup software and the methods they employ to cut the mustard. Common scenarios and setup ingredients will be discussed. Backups are only as good as the restore, so we’ll also cover the hows and whys behind validating the results.

Allister is excitable, adept at nerd sniping, and professionally is a Solutions Architect for 318 in downtown NYC (and elsewhere.) He maintains the InstaDMG project and speaks enough Japanese to order food. You should follow him on the twitter, @sacrilicious, or email him

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