From Idea to Script to App: A Beginner’s Journey in macOS App Development

Speakers: Adam Wickert

Level: Fundamental, Lecture

Excerpt: Everything starts with an idea. What I do at work starts with an idea and much of it can be accomplished with a script. Sometimes I can combine scripts and make them more powerful. Then I thought the next step would be to put some of those things into an app to make it easier.

Description: The Idea is the first step, you’ve got some new piece of information you want to collect, or a new settings you want set, or something you want to check. The first way you approach it is to write a script to make it easier and automated. Then you have more things that turn the script into a bigger project. Then the idea strikes you that an app might make it easier to check things on the fly.
This is my journey in learning App Development. I wanted to take some of the settings I set and verify with scripts and make it a one stop shop, check all of the settings and report back to me what is right and wrong in a quick interface. This seemed like a great opportunity to learn macOS App Development. I’ll cover my process in researching tools and what I learned as a beginner learning about the process.

About the speaker

Adam Wickert (Twitter: @atomargyle) – Desktop System Administrator – Hamilton College

A computer enthusiast who went to school for digital video and ended up supporting the Macs he worked on. Currently working in higher education in upstate New York, with experience in .gov. Also, a former Genius.

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Wait, Are We Doing This Right? Auditing Your Operations

Speakers: Nathan Felton & Dennis Wurster

Level: Intermediate, Lecture

Excerpt: Did you ever wonder what’s holding your department back from being highly effective? Join us as we cover seven categories of success factors for your department. These aren’t must haves to be successful, but they are things that many successful departments do. This session will give you the framework to evaluate your departments capabilities, and set a direction to improve them where needed.

Description: Based on Tom Limoncelli’s book /Time Management for System Administrators/ and the website, this presentation discusses 32 different aspects of being a modern technology department and how to do each of them well. We’ll discuss each of them and why they’re important, and attendees will have the opportunity to share options and tips. We’re confident that this session will be worth your time, and will give you the structure you need to discuss these topics with your team, and with your manager.

About the speakers

Dennis Wurster (Twitter: @wildeep) – Associate Director of Computing Services – Eastman School of Music

Dennis Wurster prides himself as a user-advocate, and constantly works to untangle complexity and establish efficiency. By day, he is the Associate Director of Computing Services at the Eastman School of Music. By night, he consults with small businesses in his hometown of Rochester, New York. Dennis has been published in TidBITS, the Mac Administrator’s Journal, and MacAuthority. He has presented at the MacAdmins Conference and the User Group Leadership Conference, and at his local Apple User Group, AppleCIDER. Away from the keyboard, Dennis is a fan of automotive engineering, vintage arcade games, and an avid cyclist.

Nathan Felton (Twitter: @n8felton) – Sr. PC Systems Administrator – Rochester Institute of Technology

Sr. PC/Mac Systems Administrator @ RIT, Father, Casual Gamer, Nature and Green Enthusiast, and Technology Guru.

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Think Different about Windows on your Mac (or off)

Speakers: Rob Roy

Level: All Levels, Lecture

Excerpt: Bootcamp has been available for years as an option for Windows on your Macs. Find out how to make your Windows install more universal to deploy to a variety of Mac hardware. Or, if the opportunity presents itself, how to run your Windows on remote HP Workstation class machines and control it directly from your Mac.

Description: In this session we will look at ways to run Windows with Macs more effectively. Typically, running a variety of Mac lab machines isn’t a problem for macOS deployment, as a single OS install can run on several machines without issue. However, it may be common for lab admins to create bespoke Windows images for each hardware type. Find out how we are leveraging VMWare to create a generic Windows install to deploy to multiple Mac machine types.
Alternatively, to accommodate the need for high end Windows 3D and graphics intensive applications such as Rhino, Autocad & Solidworks, we have built a farm of HP Workstation class machines with high end graphics cards that we can remotely control with HP Remote Graphics Software (RGS). This allows any Mac to control a high end graphics powerhouse and see the performance locally.
We will wrap up the session by looking at some home grown software solutions to help with dual booting and deployment in general.

About the speaker

Rob Roy – Mr – Sheridan College

Rob has been a Mac admin since beginning his career at Sheridan College in 2000, although you could add a few more years as a power user prior to that. While at Sheridan, he helped develop some software to automate system imaging, and spoke at Macworld in 2006 on the topic. In 2008, he left Sheridan to join Apple Canada as a Systems Engineer covering the Higher Education marketplace in Ontario. At Apple, he specialized in Systems Imaging, and FCPX, and was on the team recording and publishing the sessions at WWDC from 2011 – 2015. In the spring of 2017 he returned to the Sheridan Mactech team to jump back in to maintaining Macs in lab environments.

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Basic Brilliant Scripting for Beginners

Speakers: Bryce Carlson

Level: Fundamental, Lecture

Excerpt: Have you never written a script before? Do you always say in your performance review that you should really learn scripting? Make that a reality today with a beginner session on how to write a few basic scrips that will get you on the right path to building your own scripts for deployment, inventory, and more.

Description: In this session we will go over the basics of a script for those that have never made one before, or have just copied and pasted snips of code/commands to complete one task. We will go over some basic logic (EX: if, then), as well as how to return results. This session will get anyone that has always wanted to start scripting or just wanted a better understanding of how a script works.

About the speaker

Bryce Carlson – Senior Support Engineer – macOS – Jamf

Bryce is the Senior Support Engineer in the macOS escalation point at Jamf in Support. Before coming to Jamf in January of 2016 he was the Mac Admin and Manager of Housing IT at UW – Green Bay. He has been breaking and then fixing Macs ever since he got an iMac G4 in 2003.

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Getting MicroMDM working, and working with MicroMDM

Speakers: Jesse Peterson

Level: Intermediate, Lecture

Excerpt: In this talk we’ll be getting a solid handle on setting MicroMDM up in a production environment while covering various configuration scenarios. We’ll also work with the API to drive some custom behavior. The focus here is a solid background on what it takes to get MicroMDM up and going so you, too, can deploy it with ease.

Description: Maybe you saw last year’s presentation of MicroMDM and wanted to dig in but didn’t quite know where to start, or wanted a more in-depth setup tutorial. Or maybe you want to integrate with MicroMDM by using its API to do get some useful and custom MDM behavior. If so this talk is for you. We’ll be walking through a typical setup of a MicroMDM instance from scratch including touching on getting MDM certificates, setting up the service, getting ready to enroll devices, etc. After we have MicroMDM running lets work with it to have it send some commands to devices and work with the responses when devices reply the commands.

About the speaker

Jesse Peterson (Twitter: @jessecpeterson) – – Facebook

Jesse has been working with technology for most of his life. Consulting, start-ups, large organizations, and hobbies with a dedication to using and contributing open source software in all his roles.

Most of his professional career has included supporting and managing Macs and Apple devices in one fashion or another. As a Client Platform Engineer at Facebook in Seattle he helps wrangle the large Mac fleet (and Windows, Linux, and mobile platforms, too). As an IT Consultant at MacTechs in Seattle, he’s helped organizations with Mac management and more ranging from startups and small businesses to large corporations and government. With a strong enjoyment of and advocacy for development and DevOps he has developed software and solutions to fun and interesting IT projects (and, of course, to open source them along the way!).

Jesse is a proud member of the Mac admin community and is excited and honored to return as a speaker at PSU MacAdmins.

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