MacAdmins Conference Sessions

We are happy to announce our 2016 MacAdmins Conference Session schedule!

The full conference schedule is available on From there you can create a free account which will allow you to make your own custom conference schedule and download the schedule as a web app to your mobile device.

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Centralizing Mac Management under Microsoft SCCM

Speakers: Gretchen Kuwahara

Level: Fundamental, Lecture

Excerpt: IT managers are constantly facing the struggle of incorporating the Mac into predominantly PC environments with Microsoft SCCM. The prohibitive costs and cumbersome requirements of incorporating an additional management infrastructure is not optimal. This session will explore how to extend Microsoft SCCM to control and manage Macs, the limitations of native SCCM Mac management as well as a technical demonstration of Parallels Mac Management. Find out how to address the key requirements needed to bring rogue Mac computers under a centralized management structure including: Discovery & Enrollment, Inventory, Encryption, Software & Patch deployment, OS X Patch Management, OS X image deployment and much more.


About the speakers

Gretchen Kuwahara – System Administrator – Penn State University (Twitter: @osuterrycat)

Gretchen has over 15 years experience deploying and maintaining almost anything Apple in a higher education environment. As a Systems Administrator at Penn State, she is working on various projects including mobile device management and managing Penn State’s Apple Deployment Programs. Additionally she maintains several Linux and Mac servers that provide critical services to the university. Previously, she worked at Oregon State University where she deployed and maintained over a thousand Mac based computers, managed iPad classroom carts, and was a sysadmin for Mac and Linux servers. When she’s not playing with technology she enjoys traveling, family time, cheering on her alma mater’s basketball teams, and exploring her new home state.

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FileWave “DEEP DIVE”: Engineering walk through on how to manage all OS X, Windows, iOS, and Android Devices.

Speakers: Ben Byers LeRoy Dennison Benjamin Byers

Level: Intermediate, Lecture

Excerpt: Sr. Systems Engineer (Ben Byers) & Training & Certification Manager (LeRoy Dennison) will take you through an “IN-DEPTH” look of how the FileWave Interface makes managing all types of devices seamless and easy for all to use including an introduction to our newest V11 release. Since 1992, FileWave has understood in most all organization, multi-platform support is highly desired and often a requirement. We allow IT and other Administrators to take full control of the technology (OS X, Windows, Android, & iOS Devices) within a single interface. When it comes a having a complete endpoint management software, FileWave makes it easy! Image, Deploy, Manage, Maintain, Inventory & Track.

Description: FileWave is the ultimate multi-platform deployment and management solution.

Unlike traditional methods, FileWave manages deployments without any end-user interruptions (causing downtime).

At FileWave, we understand that in almost all organizations, cross platform support is highly desired and often a requirement. Our software has been developed as a platform agnostic (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux) management tool, to fully support your existing infrastructure. FileWave manages deployments at the file-level and features true Self-Healing, Rollback, End-User Kiosk, and a fully featured Hardware & Software Inventory with Device Discovery.

FileWave’s Mobile Device Management (MDM/EMM) integration allows you to enroll and manage your iOS and Droid devices within the same interface you use to manage your OS X & Windows Clients. Distribute and manage profiles, create inventory queries, deploy apps over the air, or make them available via the iOS App Portal. FileWave continues to provide same-day support for all Apple updates ensuring our users they have what they need.

About the speakers

Ben Byers – Sr. Systems Engineer – FileWave Endpoint Mangement (Twitter: #filewave)

As a Sr. Systems Engineer at FileWave, Ben Byers has been able to effectively articulate complex ideas in a simplified way for all to understand. David has had success working with businesses where technology is really making an impact. “Most IT departments are reducing staff, while increasing their technology demands. That’s where FileWave shines. We help IT departments manage their technology while keeping the learning curve very short.” Ben has had personal experience on both sides of deploying thousands of Apple devices as an IT administrator to now assisting organizations all over the world deploy thousands more.

LeRoy Dennison – Training & Certification Manager – FileWave (Twitter: @ldennison)

Retired Coast Guard Master Chief, worked for Apple for close to 12 years (6 as a Sr. SE and 6 as the Sr. Mgr. of Technical Training), also worked as a member of the Apple Consultants Network, for Active Storage as their Technical Business Dev. Mgr., and for PCM, as the Director of their Apple and Mobility Practice before joining FileWave in January, 2015.

Benjamin Byers – Sales System Engineer – FileWave USA Inc.

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Approaching Escape Velocity with launchd

Speakers: Joseph Chilcote

Level: Fundamental, Lecture

Excerpt: This session will give an overview of the history of process initialization services on OS X, from inetd to launchd, ending with a demo of Outset, a launchd wrapper tool with which Mac admins can manage their environments.

Description: From inetd/xinetd to SystemStarter to launchd, OS X has gone through an evolution in process initialization services. This session will detail these changes and will cover the various options currently available with launchd. We will look at existing launchd configurations from open source projects, as well as commercial vendors, and will try out a few configurations of our own. We will consider some launchd tools that have been written by the Mac admin community to manage their fleets. Finally, we will demo Outset, a tool created to provide Mac admins an easier way to utilize launchd in their environments.

About the speakers

Joseph Chilcote – Sr Systems Engineer – Splunk (Twitter: chilcote)

Sr. Systems Engineer at Splunk.

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Managing User Settings

Speakers: Katie English

Level: Intermediate, Lecture

Excerpt: What is the best way to manage settings? The one that works! Explore property lists in depth and learn all the different potential strategies to deliver them.

Description: Working with Managed Preferences, the User Template, Configuration Profiles, and scripts, this session will dive deep into managed user and computer settings, and the myriad ways to deliver them. Come ready with your favorite XML editor and some regex.

About the speakers

Katie English – Professional Services Engineer – JAMF Software

Katie English was a Mac admin in higher education for 14 years prior to joining JAMF Software as a Professional Services Engineer. Since then she has traveled a few hundred thousand miles and helped hundreds of admins build thousands of solutions.

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Implementing Configuration Profiles for OS X management

Speakers: Jeremy Reichman Sergio Aviles

Level: Intermediate, Lecture

Excerpt: Configuration profiles are Apple’s supported method of changing the default settings in OS X to support educational, corporate, and organizational needs. Savvy system administrators can take advantage of their capabilities to manage settings faster and better. We will discuss the how and why of configuration profiles, provide guidelines for successful migration and deployment, and show real-world examples in JAMF Casper and Munki.

Description: Configuration profiles are Apple’s supported method of changing the default settings in OS X to support educational, corporate, and organizational needs. Savvy system administrators can take advantage of their capabilities to manage settings faster and better. We will discuss the how and why of configuration profiles, provide guidelines for successful migration and deployment, and show real-world examples in JAMF Casper and Munki.

In this session we will cover:

– A brief overview of methods that can be used to configure settings and services on OS X, including — but not limited to — configuration profiles.
– Benefits and drawbacks of configuration profiles on OS X.
– Deploying profiles in popular management systems like JAMF Casper and Munki, with and without MDM.
– Migrating to, creating, and customizing configuration profiles.
– Managing one or many configuration profiles — and why to use more than one.
– Handling enforcement, exceptions, removal, expiration, and more advanced security.

About the speakers

Jeremy Reichman – Macintosh Systems Engineer – Tamman Technologies, Inc. (Twitter: @jaharmi)

Jeremy Reichman is a Lead Macintosh Systems Engineer with Tamman Technologies in Philadelphia and a resident of Southeastern Pennsylvania. He presented or co-presented at Penn State MacAdmins Conferences in 2012, 2013, and 2014 on topics such as packaging, scripting/automation, and Python. He has spent twenty years supporting Apple devices between university and corporate environments. Jeremy has worked on Mac enterprise integration projects with Munki, JAMF Casper Suite, DeployStudio, Radmind, Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange, Acronis Access Connect (aka ExtremeZ-IP), OS X Server, Microsoft Systems Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), VPNs, 802.1X, and McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO). He is a JAMF Certified Mobile Administrator (CMA), Certified Casper Administrator (CCA), and Certified Casper Expert (CCE).

Sergio Aviles – Systems Engineer – Comcast Corporation (Twitter:

Sergio is a Systems Engineer for Comcast Corporation responsible for managing Comcast’s Mac fleet and developing and maintain the systems to support it. Prior to working for Comcast, Sergio worked as the Systems Engineer for a small Apple Reseller in the Philadelphia area, where he learned everything from break/fix to how design Mac specific networks. Sergio is also the primary organizer for Greater Philadelphia Mac Admins group that provides Mac admins in the Delaware Valley a place to meet up with and learn from their fellow admins.

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