OS X Terminal Services – Richard Glaser

The University of Utah is providing OS X Terminal Services to campus affiliates providing access to OS X & native software to platforms like OS X, Windows, Linux, iOS & Android. This solution helps resolve issues with users needed to use difficult to install or expensive software, software with security concerns like Java, or software not available on end-users preferred platform like Xcode, etc. This project is also being implemented with plans to phase out student computer labs and might expand to staff & faculty to meet similar concerns. The project has been very successful with students and has 50 concurrent users for Terminal Server and planned to expand in the future.

Richard_Glaser_UtahRichard Glaser is the Head of Mac Computing at the Marriott Library, University of Utah since 1997. Former steering member of Mac OS X Labs & MacEnterprise projects. Presented on various topics at O’Reilly – Mac OS X Conference, MacWorld, WWDC, MacEnterprise and miscellaneous others.

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