Multi-site Munki Deployments with MunkiServer and Puppet – Pepijn Bruienne

Tackling complicated multi-site Munki deployments can be tough. In this sessions we will see how the third party tool MunkiServer can be used to establish multiple sites with shared deployable packages, site admins and the deployment of payloads from a local repository while keeping payloads synced between geographically separated sites. To promote repeatability and manageability we will also look at how to automate setting up MunkiServer repositories with Puppet, including configuring rvm, Ruby gems needed, Phusion Passenger and the vcsrepo module from the Forge.

pepijn-1With over 17 years of Macintosh experience and an insatiable need to Know All The Things, Pepijn Bruienne has been working as a Systems Administrator in highly heterogenous environments from small boutique shops to large multi- national corporations. Always looking to improve life for his users he has been focusing on system imaging, software deployment and configuration management for both Macintosh and Linux environments for the past half decade.

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